Ames Beckerman

Photographer, Comic, Transman

Photo by Kyle LeMaire Photography

Ames grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and moved to NYC in 2006 to pursue a career as a standup comic and attend FIT to study photography.  In 2014, at age 30, he made the decision to transition from female to male and took some time off away from the stage. Prior to transition, he has appearing on The Sopranos, The Howard Stern Show, and produced shows across the North East. 

Currently, Ames produces Safe Word, a weekly standup and storytelling show and hosts a podcast called Ice Cream Date.  On stage, Ames is unafraid to poke fun at his life and the challenges of being different than the average guy.

As a photographer, Ames has a strong passion for portraiture and loves working with models and performers. Whether is he taking your headshot or creating a promotional image, he has a knack for making his subjects feel at ease in front of the camera and have an fun experience!


Margaret Cho & Princess Superstar,  Next Magazine, Rizzo's Pizza, The Duplex, M.A.C Pro, Fashion Institute of Technology,  New York University, Rum & Koke/Hailey Bauske NYC, Curve Magazine, GO Magazine, Brittany Andrews, Time Out New York, DJK Realty, Beauty High/Style Caster


Cover Art & Published